Why should Minuteman Ventures be your M&A advisory firm?

For Small Business and Mid-market Sellers

Buyer Perspective. Our ability to create value for entrepreneurs through M&A is based in part on our experience practicing M&A inside federal contracting firms.

In-depth Market Knowledge. Our team has over 200 years of combined experience in owning and growing federal contracting firms.

Trust. We establish a confidential partnership in which we advise and move the process forward while clients call the shots. In doing so, we help sellers contractors maximize results on M&A without risking costly distractions from their core businesses.

Deal Creativity. Often deals need out-of-the-ordinary solutions to bridge valuation and structure gaps,

Entrepreneurial Mindset. Our work dating over 25 years has been to advocate for entrepreneurship, where we helped to pass key legislation like the Small Business Innovation Research Act.

Focus on your Deal. We focus on a relatively small set of transactions at any one time, giving undiluted partner attention to your transaction.

Process Coverage. We work with the seller throughout the process, from planning to buyer solicitation to negotiation to closing.

For Corporate and Private Equity Buyers

Strategic Program Experience. Key principals come from a corporate environment, where they strategized with Directors and CEOs to develop and execute plans to grow and position the company.

We cover the territory. The federal services market extends well beyond the Washington, DC area — and so do we. Our broad geographic base includes local staffing in federal communities across the country. This coverage helps ensure that we locate the strategic candidates that most closely fit our clients' needs.

Active in M&A Community. We participate in M&A 'affairs,' including active membership in the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG). This enables us to keep up with financing sources and stay current with the latest tax, accounting, financing and structure trends related to M&A.

Team Oriented Process. We recognize our role is to complement your corporate vision by helping you to execute. While taking a leadership role where desired, we place significant value on building and using the team approach, embracing both corporate parties and outside counsel and accounting support.