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Volume 5, Issue 3 August 2007

Welcome to the Federal Growth Report, the newsletter published by Minuteman Ventures LLC, a firm that focuses on mergers and acquisitions.

Our newsletter addresses issues of importance to leaders in the federal contracting sector. These people build companies and increase equity value.


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Defense Technology Services M&A Activity Running Strong
The Future of the Federal Services Industry - CSIS Annual Report
Daily Deals - The Latest Sector M&A Deals

Minuteman Ventures LLC partners with InfoBase Publishers, Inc. to bring you expert analysis of recent federal M&A transactions. InfoBase is a provider of information on buyers and sellers in the global defense, aerospace, and government technology marketplaces. Its Defense Mergers and Acquisitions (DM&A) module (reachable at, is the most comprehensive collection of industry M&A data and analysis in existence.

InfoBase is a lot more than M&A. Their on-line service links the defense sector's latest news on companies, contracts and programs to insightful sector analysis, budget trends and M&A transactions.

For more on InfoBase Publishers and its web-based Defense/Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service (DACIS), visit or contact Stuart McCutchan ( (703.327.8470) for a personal tour.

The Minuteman Federal Deal Meter
  Purchase price  
  Under $50m $50–100m Over $100m Total Deals
YTD 2007 25 10 11 46
2006 34 8 5 47

The Minuteman Federal Deal Meter covers M&A transactions of services firms principally serving federal agencies. Transactions covered are those announced from January 1, 2007 through August 10, 2007, and the corresponding period in 2006.

For the list of M&A transactions closed in the sector through June 8, 2007 and 2006, email

Defense Technology Services M&A Activity Running Strong

Seven months into 2007, the M&A market for federal/defense technology service firms remains brisk. While down modestly in total transactions from the corresponding 2006 period, varied circumstances and trends drove many to the deal table. Forty-seven deals have been transacted through July 31 this year v. 48 in 2007. Transactions were completed by a wide breadth of acquirer-types.

This article appears at, the web site of Defense Mergers & Acquisitions. For the entire article, click here.

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The Future of the Federal Services Industry

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has issued its annual report on the structure of the Federal/Defense Professional Services Industry. The comprehensive report highlights trends in the types of professional services procured, procurement by key government departments and agencies, the evolution of different contract vehicles, the number of firms that make up the industrial base, and market shares held by small, medium and large companies. For more on the Center and its reports, go to, publications, reports.

For an analysis of implications suggested by the CSIS report, click here for a summary published in the Government Services Insider. GSI provides insight and commentary on the companies that provide professional services, including IT, to the federal government. For more, contact its publisher, Michael Lent at

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Daily Deals

Announcement Date
Buyer Seller Purchase Price Seller Revenue
July 26, 2007 DC Capital Partners Omen, Inc N/D N/D
July 26, 2007 DC Capital Partners Intelligence Services of Global Analytics IT Services, Inc. N/D N/D
July 26, 2007 DC Capital Partners Technologies and Management Services, Inc. N/D N/D
July 9, 2007 VUANCE Ltd. Security Holding Corp. 5.1m N/D
July 6, 2007 SAIC Benham Investment Holdings LLC N/D 800 employees
July 1, 2007 D&S Consultants, Inc. Viatech, Inc. N/D 150 employees
June 28, 2007 ICF International Z-Tech Corp. $35m (max) 200 employees
June 27, 2007 NCI, Inc. Karta Technologies, Inc. $64.8m $55-60m
June 27, 2007 Apogen Technologies, Inc.(unit of QinetiQ NA) 3H Technology $52m (max) 220 employees
June 20, 2007 SRA International Constella Group $185m $200m (est)
June 15, 2007 Interactive Technology Solutions ITEQ N/D N/D
June 12, 2007 Paradigm Holdings, Inc. Caldwell Technology Solutions LLC N/D 35 employees

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About Us

Minuteman Ventures LLC advises company owners on the sale of their businesses, and assists corporate and private equity buyers in strategic acquisitions and divestitures. Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and business executives who founded or operated companies and corporate divisions.

We specialize in companies that sell services, products, and solutions to federal government clients.

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