Establishing an Acquisition Program

Minuteman Ventures LLC brings a powerful offering to potential acquirers that want to set up, upgrade or execute a M&A program. Our firm offers the ability for acquirers to outsource the M&A process, either as augmentation to Corporate Development or as the primary support to the internal M&A drivers, be it the CEO, CFO or the Board.

This offering grew from the role of the founding principal at Minuteman Ventures in the corporate sector. He served as Director of Corporate Development at various technology companies, working with CEOs, Chairmen and Boards in developing a M&A program and achieving the resulting goals.

Outsourced M&A fits a variety of companies.

In one rapidly growing $50 million firm, the new CEO convinced the founder/chairman that acquisitions were needed to keep the company surging and to grow out of dependence on the company's U.S. Army customer.

At another, a $75 million business providing advanced technology solutions to DoD, the founders had no intention of selling the firm. However, they needed to improve the liquidity - and ultimate value - for the company's widely held employee stock. That meant accelerating growth, and therefore with acquisition, positioning the company for much greater value than it could achieve under organic growth.

This type of program can work at smaller companies too. One $20 million IT solutions provider had developed a projection to get to $50 million in three years. As a hedge against any shortfall in internal growth, the company set up a program to seek smaller transactions that would augment strategic growth areas.

Minuteman Ventures can provide several services in support of an existing or emerging M&A program:

  • Undertake a strategic process to determine likely areas of M&A growth
  • Identify high probability target groups and targets that fit the strategy
  • Support respective internal roles on the client's M&A team
  • Confidentially approach seller candidates, preempting the 'shopping' process by seller
  • Develop a 'selling' document to position the buyer as viable acquirer in the mind of the seller
  • Prioritize seller candidates
  • Model optimal deal structures
  • (Co) negotiate deal with buyer management
  • Advise on diligence process
  • Support integration planning
  • Interface with financing sources